Narigaligeke Kodilla?”
[Why don’t foxes have horns?] 
 (Based on a short story by Kuvempu)
Director : MANGALA.N

 15 APRIL 2012

Two Shows @ 3.30pm and 7.30 pm 


A story by Kuvempu which had been published in a Monthly called “Makkala Pustaka” fifty years ago.  In the world of nature there are both kindness and ruggedness juxtaposed and nature takes all Life in its arms and fondles it by injecting an equilibrium.  While conveying this idea, the short story also makes a powerful suggestion that crookedness and egotism are both to be shunned.  Through the characters of the male and female sparrows, fox, bear, tiger and the owl, the short story writer highlights the imperativeness for discarding egotism totally and also emphasises  that ‘protecting’ is more important than ‘killing’. 

This short story has been dramatised by Shantha Nagaraj and N. Mangala.  Shashidhara Adapa has designed the Stage, Lights by Aravind kupplikar, the play has music by Gajanana T. Naika,   and directed by N. Mangala.


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