Why Drama for children?

First  and  above  all – enjoyment…! Then  comes  a  wide  range  of  other  benefits.  It  provides  an  outlet  for  self-expression  and  helps  the  development  of imagination  and  artistic  awareness.  It increases  social  awareness  particularly through  role  play,  mental  awareness,  fluency  of  speech,  self  knowledge,  self respect,  self  discipline  and  self  confidence. Theatre  gives  children  the opportunity  to  learn  how  to  co-operate  with  others  and  helps  to  develop orderly  thinking  and  the  ability  to  organize.   It improves physical co-ordination and physical fitness.

The  theatre  games  have  the  positive potential  of  contributing  towards  the       enrichment  of  the  development  of  the  mind  of  the  children.  It gives them    greater concentration and a sense of  participation.  It  gives  them  confidence to  plan  and execute  the  tasks  given  to them.

On the occasion of 150th birthday of Sir.M.Vishweshwarayya, Vishweshwaraiah institute of technology have arranged a theatre festival in which children from all over  India have participated. There were eight team  consisting of eighty children from different states including Karnataka. Prior to the festival Sanchari theatre artists  Ganapa, Chandra keerthi, Surabhi and Mangala have conducted a theatre workshop for these children on Vishweshwaraiah.

So, within the short period of time we introduced  few theatre games which  motivate  the  children  to  sharpen  their  concentration, memory, observation, imagination and co-ordination. Through  these  games  we  tried  to  find  some  space  to  understand  M.Vishwesharaiah  and  memorized his achievements within  the  given  time  and  space.  And  finally   ended  up in creating  K.R.S dam by  using  the  whole  group  together.