hello mangala,

i’m forwarding the link to photos taken at boston. we’ve finished 9 shows. every show has been received with great applause and standing ovation. people here are amazed by the fact that we have brought all our props and sets from india. they are full of appreciation for our professionalism.

We’ve had to make a few adjustments. but so far our organizers have tried to provide us with whatever we need. the t.vwe use on the sets has been a bit of a problem for them because nobidy here has a t.v which is small enough or light enough for me to carry. so we manage with computer monitors or any carton/box covered with black cloth. the shows usually end with a nice meal.

In boston, we had to pack up soon after the show and rush to the railway station in rain to catch the 9.25 train to philadelphia where we had to perform on the next day. we carried our meals also and started eating only after the train started to move. we have shows only on saturdays and sundays and in different town. so it is always hectic on sunday mornings. but during the rest of the week, we relax and do a lot of sight seeing. so far, it has been great fun. hope it continues like this for the next 3 weeks.

best wishes